Coming Soon: An Almost Perfect Season

It’s almost here folks! My latest book, An Almost Perfect Season. I will be sharing several pre-publication reviews of the book in the next several weeks so readers can see what others have said about it.

If you’re from southern Illinois, high school basketball is in your blood. Randy Mills’ An Almost Perfect Season masterfully tells the story of growing up in Little Egypt with that soul-deep love of the game. Through improbable comeback stories, tragedies, triumphs, and the plucky spirit of a band of small-town players during that special time in the 1960’s when all things seemed possible, the author shows how even a recently-winless team could come together to make a redemption story for the ages. In the process, Mills relates his own honest experiences, shares his self-doubts and rising confidence, and brings in the great sportswriters at the time (even if my uncle might have gotten his height wrong), to weave a tale of hope, heartbreak, and hoops to which every Midwesterner and basketball fan can relate.

Chapman Rackaway
Professor and Chair of Political Science at the University of West Georgia, son of Mt. Vernon Register News publisher William C., and nephew of sports editor John E. Rackaway