Having had several books reviewed by newspaper reporters over the years, we always find it interesting to see what angles the reporter will emphasize. Our first review for our book, Summer Wind: A Soldier’s Road from Indiana to Vietnam, stressed the mystery of how Dick Wolfe died in battle and some of his accomplishments as a soldier in Vietnam. These were also aspects that had caught our attention at the beginning of our writing journey. As time passed, however, other important themes emerged and drew our interest: The sibling rivalry between Dick and his brother Joe, Dick’s friendship with Ralph “Butch” Davis, the way the Wolfe family coped with their son being in Vietnam, the pressure war places on a young marriage, the importance of top 40 music to soldiers in Vietnam, and the way Dick Wolfe’s rifle company, made up of young men from many different backgrounds, came together as a fighting unit. It will be interesting to see what other reviews will emphasize.