From the Periodical Exchange Review in ‘The Genie’

The Genie, a genealogy publication that rates genealogy journals across the nation, recently featured and article on the magazine Connections: The Hoosier Genealogist. The article talks about my three part series in Connections regarding how I reconstructed my father’s WWII experiences.  Below is the review from that article.

From the Article

Randy Mills lovingly reconstructs his father’s early life in the remote southern Illinois community of Horse Creek in “Bound for the Admiralty Islands.” Keith “Doc” Mills enjoyed a Huck Finn boyhood in his sleepy, backwater home, but also survived a bout with polio. He endured an operation on his tailbone to make himself fit for service. To hear his relatives tell, his enlistment as a teenager in 1944 was as much an escape from his even younger girlfriend as a chance to serve his country. A yet-to-be-published follow-up will recount Doc Mills’ naval career on the island of Manus during World War II and may tell more of the girl he left behind, but eventually married.

Contributed by Reed Mathews